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Exciting Transformations at Terranova

We are very excited to launch our newest Terranova Rain and Terranova Shea Blossom packaging. As with any line of product, there comes a time when the packaging needs a change to ensure the fragrance’s continuity and long-term success.

Terranova Aire Fragrance CollectionOur challenge is always to infuse new energy in a way that will keep our longtime customers happy, and help us gain new customers along the way. Any time we repackage a line such as our Terranova Rain, we are conscious that some people would prefer for it to always stay the same. As packaging, along with quality and performance, is one of the key components of our success, we always strive to stay on top of industry innovations, as well as home and beauty trends. If our goal were any different, Terranova would no longer be successful. So here are the commitments we made.


Our first important decision in this renewal process was to decide on a brand direction for our Terranova Signature Collection in which Rain, Shea Blossom and our most recent fragrance launch Aire fall into. We needed to create a visually appealing design that would unify all three of these fragrance lines, while letting each collection have its own unique look and personality. Once we had settled on that, we began working on the individual lines. You have already seen the wonderfully alluring packaging of the Terranova Aire Collection.


Terranova Rain Perfume CollectionOur long time Rain perfume customers will be happy to see that we used the same color palette and whimsical illustration of our previous packaging, as they have come to signify Rain to many of you. We also kept the existing bottle silhouettes but added elegant, easier to use silver metal caps and pumps. On the line’s boxes, we applied a shiny finish just on the leaves, flowers and stems for a touchable experience and a just-after-the-rain look. The new packaging is completely recognizable as Rain, yet is refreshed, exciting! All the formulas remain the same.

REFOCUSING HIGH PERFORMING SHEA BUTTER (Now enhanced with miracle African argan, marula and baobab oils!)

Per your comments, it was the Shea Butter products that needed the most attention. We found that our old packaging was no longer adequately translating the rich, high quality ingredients and exceptional performance found in our Shea Butter formulas.   Our graphic designer was thus given the task of paying special tribute to the rich heritage of Shea butter, harvested and used for millennia by African women (even Cleopatra used it!) to treat dry, parched skin.

Terranova Shea Blossom CollectionWhat our talented graphic designer created is breathtaking. The design speaks to Africa’s rich cultural heritage with its Kente cloth/African fabric inspired patterns, and warm, rich color palette. It is eye catching, evocative, beautiful!

We also worked with our chemist to add in demand, miracle African oils – argan, marula and baobab oils – to enhance the moisturizing benefits of our Shea butter-rich formulas for increased softness and elasticity. Everything else in the formulas remain the same. Finally, we changed the name of the line from Shea Butter to Shea Blossom so that this spectacular fragrance gets the special attention it deserves, giving the Shea Blossom Perfume and Cologne sales a boost.

Just like the new Terranova Rain packaging, we added a textural, patterned, clear glossy treatment to the Shea Blossom boxes to give the line an upscale look. The same, easy to use silver caps and pumps were added to the bottles. And perhaps even more amazing, bestselling Terranova Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream will now be housed in a super convenient, easily squeezable 4.5 oz tube — just a dollop still does wonders to extra dry areas, nails & cuticles, gardener’s hands, hair frizzies and more!

We believe this new look will give all our Signature Collection — Aire, Rain and Shea Blossom — a wonderful boost and heightened presence especially when merchandised together. The new packaging is now shipping, except for the Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Remedy Cream tube, which will be ready in just a few short weeks. The jars from our previous packaging are still available for sale until then. Please call us today to place your orders at (800) 966-3457 or visit our website.


Top Reasons to Give Fragrance as a Gift

Purchasing a fragrance as a gift might seem like a daunting task, but there are many reasons nearly half of perfume sales take place during the holidays.  When you purchase a fragrance for a friend or a relative, you are buying a gift that is both personal and luxurious.  We have put together 5 top reasons to give perfume as a gift, as well as some helpful tips for your perfume purchase — so that you’ll never go wrong with choosing perfume as a gift!

1) A woman can never have too many perfumes.  Even if she already has a signature scent, chances are she’ll love adding a new fragrance to her collection.   Because perfume is a luxury it often comes last on a list of needed beauty products a woman buys for herself.   Your perfume gift will let her try something new.  In addition, fragrance notes come in such a wide variety, having several perfume options on hand ensures that she will always have the right one for any occasion.  For night time, try a scent with musk like Terranova’s signature China Musk, or something with heavier floral notes like Terranova’s Gardenia, Pikake and Tuberose.  For daytime, try something light and refreshing that won’t interfere with her busy day, like Rain, China Rain, China Lily, Shea Blossom and Peony Bliss.

2. Picking a perfume is easy with these helpful tips Consider age and past scents when buying a new fragrance as a gift.  A younger recipient will usually prefer light, renewing scents like Rain, Shea Blossom and China Lily, they’ll love refreshing florals like our Plumeria, White Ginger and Peony Bliss or they’ll prefer something warm and tropical like Tiare Lei and Island Song Coco Mango.  An older woman will prefer more classic blends like our China Rain, Pikake, Tuberose and Gardenia.   If you know what her favorite perfume is, find out what the prominent fragrance notes are in its blends and buy her a new fragrance with notes that are similar.

3. “The language of fragrance is memory” This is a quote I recently read in Allure Magazine,  and it is very true.  Who doesn’t have a perfume they associate with a particular time in their lives?  Connect your gift to a memory you share with the recipient – a vacation to Hawaii or a place you’ve always wanted to visit together – and the gift will be well received especially if you explain your intent.  Our island and tropical fragrances Plumeria, Pikake, White Ginger, Tuberose, Gardenia and Tiare Lei are a perfect escape,  Patchouli always brings up vivid memories and our renewing musk blends like Rain, China Rain, China Musk and China Lily bring their wearer back to a cozy and comforting place.

4) Perfume makes a romantic gift.  For all the husbands and boyfriends looking for the perfect personal gift, perfume is the ultimate choice.  Your gift of fragrance will let her know that you picked out something especially for her, a luxurious product that you imagined her wearing.  And even if she does not like it, she’ll greatly appreciate the effort and will be able to return it to pick another pampering scent!

5) Fragrance gift sets make a complete gift.  Our popular and pampering Value Sets that you’ll find in our Shop Gift Sets section include a body lotion, shower gel and perfume essence in the same fragrance, and will let her layer the scent for a long lasting memorable impression.  These ready made gifts are packaged in a complimentary gold box, with a free white mesh sponge she can use in the shower.  They’ll pamper her with all our fragrant essentials and keep her skin looking healthy and beautiful.

Get Ready for Small Business Saturday, November 24!

Small Business Saturday is just around the corner : Saturday, November 24.  To help you take advantage of consumers’ growing desire to help their communities thrive by supporting local small businesses, here are a few ideas on how to take advantage of  this important shopping day, create excitement and get customers inside your doors to make a purchase:

  • Offer one day discounts on a category you normally don’t put on sale, or on your entire merchandise.
  • Create coupons for future offers and discounts, and include with each purchase.
  • Offer free “professional” gift wrapping to make their holiday shopping a little easier.
  • Give away prizes or host a contest.  Put together a beautiful gift basket of bestselling Terranova products, and have customers fill out their contact info and email addresses to enter to win. It’s a great way to add to your customer emailing list!
  • Give away a free gift with purchase.  Terranova’s 1 oz Lotion Samplers are a wonderful giveaway, or give something more significant when they purchase a certain amount.

Let your customers know about your Small Business Saturday events by making a special sign for your windows, and in your store ahead of time.  Use social media (facebook, twitter, pinterest, google+  etc) to invite your customers in and let them know of the specials you will be offering.  On Small Business Saturday purchase helium balloons, place a board outside your business, offer cupcakes and tea… anything you can do to draw their attention and get customers to come in and make purchase!

If time permits, you might want to talk to your local Chamber of Commerce to see if they might be able to help you capitalize on Small Business Saturday.  Talk to other small business owners in your town to see how you can band together to create excitement around Small Business Saturday and shopping local in general.  For example, you could create a “Shop Local” sign for your town’s businesses that you would all place in yours windows to make customers feel good about helping out the community and encourage them to shop local.

Another great resource to look at is American Express’ Shop Small website which offers ready to print signs and lots of tips on how to capitalize on this special Saturday and help you to promote the “Shop Small” message to your customers.

So plan your Small Business Saturday today and take advantage of customers’ growing desire to shop small and help out their local businesses!

Splash into Summer With Amazing Scents & Body Loving Formulas!

With summer just around the corner, it’s time we updated our blog! It’s been  quite a bit of time since our last post, but what better way to start off summer than with a new blog post?

When I think of summer, I think of relaxation, lying by the pool, ice cream cones, exotic vacations, a day at the beach and summer romance. Fortunately, TerraNova has got you covered with products for every aspect of summer.

Pikake Soothing Bath Salts

Dreaming of the ultimate Hawaiian paradise? Or are you on a budget this summer? No worries, you can recreate the trip with our Pikake collection. Pour some Hawaiian jasmine pikake flower scented bath salts into a hot bath for a soothing experience. Lay your head back, close your eyes, and escape to swaying palm trees and sandy beaches under the warm sun. Ahhh… paradise.

Maybe this summer you will reinvent yourself or try something new. Start a garden, go rock climbing, white water rafting, or finally sign up for that yoga class you’ve been meaning to try. Whatever you do, wear some White Ginger Cologne Mist to give yourself a boost of self confidence to tackle anything new. With the scent of the white ginger lily, no one will be able to stop you. Or dab on a few drops of gorgeous Tuberose Perfume Essence to feel sensuous, assured and ready to take on the world.

Tiare Lei Collection

Imagine garlands of fresh tiare leis swaying in the tropical ocean breeze…

Speaking of trying something new, TerraNova’s recently launched Tiare Lei collection, is the ultimate evocation of summer.  Inspired by the ancient Polynesian tradition of lei giving, Tiare Lei gets its scent from the revered Tahitian Tiare Gardenia.  Seeped in golden coconut oil, this exquisite tropical flower is at the heart of Polynesia’s beloved Monoi de Tahiti – the ancient Polynesian beauty secret to naturally shiny, soft, healthy looking hair and skin. With Tiare Lei’s body wash, lotion, massage oil, shower gel, cream soap and buffing body wash all enriched with authentic Monoi de Tahiti, plus island botanicals and vitamins, give these new additions a try to keep your skin summer ready! And see for yourself how the sunny and warm tropical floral scent of Tiare Lei truly captures the essence of the season.

Replenish and soften your dry, thirsty skin with renewing Rain Body Lotion, the ultimate summer skin quencher!

Pools and laying on the warm sand at the beach are a major symbol of summer for me as well. After splashing around in the cool water, the next step to a relaxing day is an outdoor shower. Ever tried one? With water running down your back in the hot weather, you honestly can’t get any more relaxed and refreshed than that. The final step to your spa treatment?  Smoothing on Rain Replenishing Calendula Body Lotion.  This crowd pleasing silky formula melts into your skin without leaving any greasy, sticky residue, and leaves it feeling extremely smooth and soft.  It’s also packed with Shea butter, calendula, chamomile, organic aloe, anti-oxidant vitamins A and E to replenish the skin and keep it looking healthy.  Rain’s fresh scent of clover, spring lilies, and sheer musk will leave you with an amazing fresh-out-of-the-shower, clean feeling.

For an ultra sexy sheen, try our Plumeria Silky Body Oil.

And finally, I want to mention one last thing… our incredibly moisturizing Silky Body Oils, a perfect way to end your summer days.  Unlike what you may think, our silky oils won’t leave an oily streaks on your clothing, they actually absorb quickly and leave skin with a beautiful, sexy sheen.  After a day in salty water or in chlorine, your skin will thank you for it, trust me!  Pour a capful in your palm and apply liberally all over your body after showering or during a sensuous massage.  Your entire body will feel rejuvenated, and your skin will be soft, smooth and smell incredibly pretty. Available in all our fragrance collections, my personal favorite is the Plumeria Silky Body Oil – it’s the ultimate instant staycation for me!

So what do you have in store this summer? Whatever you do, wherever you go, we hope that TerraNova will be right there with you giving you the confidence to make this summer memorable.

Here’s to a new summer beginning!

Don’t forget to check out our online store:

Enjoy Spring Break with a 25% Discount!

Spring has sprung with all the beautiful blooms that surround us here in Berkeley, California.  I hope the rest of the country is digging out of a tough winter.  Spring break is upon us and even if we are not taking a sun-filled vacation, you can transport yourself to an exotic island  locale with TerraNova’s evocative collections, formulated with nourishing and softening tropical botanicals and infused with the  fresh, authenic aroma of Pikake, Plumeria, Gardenia, Tuberose and White Ginger blossoms!  Each will make your skin and spirit feel like an island beauty.

Receive a 25% discount on our Island Escapes luxurious and shimmerming, coconut oil infused body butter when purchasing a Cologne Mist.  Visit our website to enjoy these Spring Break Savings until March 29

Be Ours with A Special Valentine’s Offer!

Art by Michael Cronan

Skip chocolates and delight in  low-calorie love with TerraNova’s crystalline perfumes. We feel that fragrance is the language of love, and these quotes will inspire you:

“Where should one use perfume?” a young woman asked. “Wherever one wants to be kissed,” I said. –Coco Chanel

“A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting.” –Christian Dior

“Childhood smells of perfume and brownies.” –David Leavitt

Since the 17th century, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated with notes, cards and gifts. Statistically, most Valentine spending is on teachers, followed by children, moms, and then, wives and girlfriends.  What better way to show your love and appreciation to those important to you than with a lovely gift of beautiful TerraNova Perfume Essence.

With each TerraNova  perfume purchased, we will include a FREE lovely pink organza drawstring pouch! To order go to  or call (800) 966-3457.

Need help choosing your gift?  Here is a quick fragrance personality chart:


Light-hearted, happy, innocent, fresh-scrubbed.  Universally loved.  You can’t go wrong with bestselling Rain!

Shea Blossom Enjoyed by Men and Women. Carefree, sporty, energetic.
Peony Bliss Modern romantic; chic.
Lime Blossom & Jasmine Traditional, sunny, warm-hearted.
Pikake A true romantic, as Pikake is the exquisite Hawaiian wedding flower worn in the islands for special celebrations of love.
Gardenia Classic, elegant, sensual.
Plumeria Enchanting, outgoing and lovely
Tuberose Exotic, distinctive, self confidant.
White Ginger Fresh, flirty, spicy