The Great Spring Break Escape!

It’s hard to believe that while most of the country is still buried in snow, Spring is just around the corner!  This month, Terranova will explore some great Spring Break Escape destinations inspired by our authentic fragrance creations along with travel sizes that you can take along with you or use to create your own, at home, retreat.

This week’s Spring Break Escape is to The Caribbean and Mexico where Terranova’s Island Escapes fragrances of Plumeria and Tuberose originate.



Plumerias (also known as Frangipani or the “Lei Flower”) are typically found in clusters on the branches of small plumeria trees that are typically no more than 5-6m in height and can be as wide as they are tall. 1 The flowers, themselves, are characterized by petals with the center of the flower a different color than the rest. Plumerias come in a variety of colors and each color has its own unique fragrance. Some plumerias are described as having a sweet smell, while others can smell like jasmine, peaches or even citrus.  Most notably, in culture, The Plumeria is used to make leis and, in Polynesian culture, the flower can be worn by women to indicate their relationship status – over the right ear if seeking a relationship, and over the left if taken.2



Tuberose, or Tubarosa (meaning ‘tuberous’), is a night blooming plant native to Mexico.3 It grows in elongated spikes up to 45 cm (18 in) long that produce clusters of white, tubular flowers that bloom from the bottom towards the top of the spike.2  Described as a heady, sweet, exotic, complex floral aroma; Tuberose is one of the most expensive natural flower materials available to perfumers because of the difficulty of harvesting it.  Most notably in culture, Hindi legend warns young Indian girls against inhaling its sensual fragrance after dark because it may put them in the mood for love.  It has also been used in traditional medicine as an antiseptic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory  . 4

For an aromatic escape to Mexico and The Carribbean or to experience the beauty of the Plumeria and Tuberose, check out our popular Plumeria and Tuberose fragrance collections today!

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10 Reasons We Love Shea Butter–Africa’s Miracle Moisturizer

Winter is harsh and Shea butter is your  skin's best defense!

Winter is harsh and Shea butter is your skin’s best defense!

Shea butter is considered Africa’s miracle moisturizer and for good reason. It isn’t just a trendy cosmetic ingredient. In fact it has stood the test of time, as it has been central to beauty rituals since the days of Cleopatra, as it is an amazingly effective emollient.

Scientific studies prove that Shea butter is an a wonder working moisturizer, with visible improvement of skin texture and tone with regular use. It is exceptionally high in phyto-nutrients–vitamins A and E, plus essential fatty acids such as linoleic acid.Shea butter and shea nuts  Importantly, it also provides a moisture barrier–like a lid on a steamer. Not only has it long been known to heal and soothe, it even has limited benefits to guard against environmental effects (but you still need your SPF!). Cosmetic scientists love this fabulous cosmetic ingredient due to its spreadability and quick absorption rate! It is so versatile, we even recommend it to smooth hair frizzies!

Harvested from the nut of the fruit of the sacred African Shea tree, Shea butter is called “women’s gold” as it provides employment and income to millions of women across Africa. Mostly organized in cooperatives and using traditional methods, women harvest the fruit, crush the nuts inside to extract the valuable butter; then clean, package and sell it at local markets or for export.

la récolte du karitéThe UN Development Programme (UNDP) estimates that an approximately three million African women work directly or indirectly with Shea butter. Nigeria, Mali, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, Benin and Togo are top produing countries. ( Renewal Magazine August 2013)

We are a women owned company ourselves and have used Shea butter in our products for decades. Committed to supporting this valuable industry, we offer many formulations containing Shea butter, oil or extract–from creams to lotions to shower gels. Because of the proven effectiveness they are perennial favorites!

For more information, read the science:

3 tips for choosing a gift of fragrance!

Alluring and deeply subtle.  For a modern spirit.  Beloved.

Alluring and deeply subtle. For a modern spirit. Beloved.


Trust us, after 43 years we are happy to make recommendations!  It doesn’t have to be daunting.  Women these days enjoy a scent wardrobe, and your gift of scent will be something special, from the heart.

Here are some tips to consider when making a great pick!

Hopeless Romantic–how about a lovely floral blend?
Modern and Edgy–a clean musk.
Tailored Classic–a single note flora or fresh scent.
Sporty–a lively citrus.


Working in a Fortune 500?  How about in a stylish boutique? A teacher? Pick a fragrance that is light and personal or bold and beautiful, or how about something in between?

EXTRA HINTS  Is a special event in the future?  Wedding, special dinner, anniversary, hot date? Again, choose something soft and feminine or rich and luxurious?  How about clothing style.  Peasant blouses?  Hiking boots?  A tailored suit?

CHOOSE YOUR FAVORITE!  Your personal favorite will touch the hearts of your friends and family.

Here are a few of ours.  for more ideas check out

Rain Cologne Mist--A fresh, clean floral scent beloved by all.

Rain Cologne Mist–A fresh, clean floral scent beloved by all. This blend of delicate musk, lily of the valley and green clover is timeless and classic worn close to the skin for a truly personal interpretation.

Pikake Perfume Gift Set with Travel Lotion

What is more romantic  than the Hawaiian wedding flower? The freshest jasmine blossoms imaginable. Sweet, with hints of green notes. Simply irresistible.

Shea Blossom is a lively citrus scent with hints of spice.  Inspired by the sacred, flowering African Shea tree, this is a fresh scent for your outdoor enthusiast.

Easy ways to help your skin this winter

winter skin care, shea butter, argan, marula, coconut oil for dry skin

Winter is upon us and it can create havoc with your skin.  Long hot showers, forced indoor heat, cold air and wind are all demons when it comes to keeping skin healthy.

“In winter, humidity is always lower in the cold air, and when it gets breezy, that dry air wicks moisture out of the skin even quicker than normal. Then we go inside to get warm, and the heat on inside dries us out too. We can’t win: so we try getting in a hot, steamy shower to get a little moisture, and don’t realize that the water itself actually takes water out of us by osmosis,” explains Dr. Jessica Krant, a board-certified dermatologist and Assistant Clinical Professor of Dermatology at SUNY Downstate Medical Center. “Not only that, the heat and water strip our natural moisturizing oils out of our skin. Then we get out of the shower, and that last bit of dampness evaporating away dries us out even more.”

Here are 6 simple tips to combat the winter effect!

1) Cut the shower length (we have to do this in California anyway, due to our severe drought!).  Slather on body oils while you are still wet upon getting out of the shower.  Think “lid on a steamer”, to trap moisture and leave skin silky.  Also, turn down the temperature a bit.

2) Slough dry skin once or twice a week to banish flaky skin cells.  This will reveal fresh, ready to moisturize skin (try TerraNova’s Tiare Lei Buffing Body Wash–a gentle 2 in 1 cleansing scrub).

3) A thick cream traps moisture better than a thinner lotion.  Use cream regularly  on your hand and feet inside your gloves and socks (before you but on the boots!)

4) Don’t go fat free!  Rich oils and butters such as sunflower, almond, Shea butter, argan, marula, baobab, grape seed, coconut, evening primrose are high in nutrients and help moisturize the skin!

5) Fragrances such as perfume oils and alcohol free body mists do not contain alcohol which can dry skin.  (TerraNova’s Rain and Pikake Body Mists are actually moisturizing!) When using cologne, spray on pulse points and a bit in your hair for targeted application.

6) Drink water–ALWAYS!  Get healthy from the inside out!

check out for great more great products to protect  your skin!

Shea Butter, Argan, Marula, RainSheaCreamTubeJSD (1)

New, Beautiful Website!

We’re celebrating our new store website with 15% off Body Oils for dry, winterized skin! Now through November 20th. Get yours now at


Exciting Transformations at Terranova

We are very excited to launch our newest Terranova Rain and Terranova Shea Blossom packaging. As with any line of product, there comes a time when the packaging needs a change to ensure the fragrance’s continuity and long-term success.

Terranova Aire Fragrance CollectionOur challenge is always to infuse new energy in a way that will keep our longtime customers happy, and help us gain new customers along the way. Any time we repackage a line such as our Terranova Rain, we are conscious that some people would prefer for it to always stay the same. As packaging, along with quality and performance, is one of the key components of our success, we always strive to stay on top of industry innovations, as well as home and beauty trends. If our goal were any different, Terranova would no longer be successful. So here are the commitments we made.


Our first important decision in this renewal process was to decide on a brand direction for our Terranova Signature Collection in which Rain, Shea Blossom and our most recent fragrance launch Aire fall into. We needed to create a visually appealing design that would unify all three of these fragrance lines, while letting each collection have its own unique look and personality. Once we had settled on that, we began working on the individual lines. You have already seen the wonderfully alluring packaging of the Terranova Aire Collection.


Terranova Rain Perfume CollectionOur long time Rain perfume customers will be happy to see that we used the same color palette and whimsical illustration of our previous packaging, as they have come to signify Rain to many of you. We also kept the existing bottle silhouettes but added elegant, easier to use silver metal caps and pumps. On the line’s boxes, we applied a shiny finish just on the leaves, flowers and stems for a touchable experience and a just-after-the-rain look. The new packaging is completely recognizable as Rain, yet is refreshed, exciting! All the formulas remain the same.

REFOCUSING HIGH PERFORMING SHEA BUTTER (Now enhanced with miracle African argan, marula and baobab oils!)

Per your comments, it was the Shea Butter products that needed the most attention. We found that our old packaging was no longer adequately translating the rich, high quality ingredients and exceptional performance found in our Shea Butter formulas.   Our graphic designer was thus given the task of paying special tribute to the rich heritage of Shea butter, harvested and used for millennia by African women (even Cleopatra used it!) to treat dry, parched skin.

Terranova Shea Blossom CollectionWhat our talented graphic designer created is breathtaking. The design speaks to Africa’s rich cultural heritage with its Kente cloth/African fabric inspired patterns, and warm, rich color palette. It is eye catching, evocative, beautiful!

We also worked with our chemist to add in demand, miracle African oils – argan, marula and baobab oils – to enhance the moisturizing benefits of our Shea butter-rich formulas for increased softness and elasticity. Everything else in the formulas remain the same. Finally, we changed the name of the line from Shea Butter to Shea Blossom so that this spectacular fragrance gets the special attention it deserves, giving the Shea Blossom Perfume and Cologne sales a boost.

Just like the new Terranova Rain packaging, we added a textural, patterned, clear glossy treatment to the Shea Blossom boxes to give the line an upscale look. The same, easy to use silver caps and pumps were added to the bottles. And perhaps even more amazing, bestselling Terranova Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Amazing Moisture Remedy Cream will now be housed in a super convenient, easily squeezable 4.5 oz tube — just a dollop still does wonders to extra dry areas, nails & cuticles, gardener’s hands, hair frizzies and more!

We believe this new look will give all our Signature Collection — Aire, Rain and Shea Blossom — a wonderful boost and heightened presence especially when merchandised together. The new packaging is now shipping, except for the Shea Butter Tresses-to-Toes Remedy Cream tube, which will be ready in just a few short weeks. The jars from our previous packaging are still available for sale until then. Please call us today to place your orders at (800) 966-3457 or visit our website.


Top Reasons to Give Fragrance as a Gift

Purchasing a fragrance as a gift might seem like a daunting task, but there are many reasons nearly half of perfume sales take place during the holidays.  When you purchase a fragrance for a friend or a relative, you are buying a gift that is both personal and luxurious.  We have put together 5 top reasons to give perfume as a gift, as well as some helpful tips for your perfume purchase — so that you’ll never go wrong with choosing perfume as a gift!

1) A woman can never have too many perfumes.  Even if she already has a signature scent, chances are she’ll love adding a new fragrance to her collection.   Because perfume is a luxury it often comes last on a list of needed beauty products a woman buys for herself.   Your perfume gift will let her try something new.  In addition, fragrance notes come in such a wide variety, having several perfume options on hand ensures that she will always have the right one for any occasion.  For night time, try a scent with musk like Terranova’s signature China Musk, or something with heavier floral notes like Terranova’s Gardenia, Pikake and Tuberose.  For daytime, try something light and refreshing that won’t interfere with her busy day, like Rain, China Rain, China Lily, Shea Blossom and Peony Bliss.

2. Picking a perfume is easy with these helpful tips Consider age and past scents when buying a new fragrance as a gift.  A younger recipient will usually prefer light, renewing scents like Rain, Shea Blossom and China Lily, they’ll love refreshing florals like our Plumeria, White Ginger and Peony Bliss or they’ll prefer something warm and tropical like Tiare Lei and Island Song Coco Mango.  An older woman will prefer more classic blends like our China Rain, Pikake, Tuberose and Gardenia.   If you know what her favorite perfume is, find out what the prominent fragrance notes are in its blends and buy her a new fragrance with notes that are similar.

3. “The language of fragrance is memory” This is a quote I recently read in Allure Magazine,  and it is very true.  Who doesn’t have a perfume they associate with a particular time in their lives?  Connect your gift to a memory you share with the recipient – a vacation to Hawaii or a place you’ve always wanted to visit together – and the gift will be well received especially if you explain your intent.  Our island and tropical fragrances Plumeria, Pikake, White Ginger, Tuberose, Gardenia and Tiare Lei are a perfect escape,  Patchouli always brings up vivid memories and our renewing musk blends like Rain, China Rain, China Musk and China Lily bring their wearer back to a cozy and comforting place.

4) Perfume makes a romantic gift.  For all the husbands and boyfriends looking for the perfect personal gift, perfume is the ultimate choice.  Your gift of fragrance will let her know that you picked out something especially for her, a luxurious product that you imagined her wearing.  And even if she does not like it, she’ll greatly appreciate the effort and will be able to return it to pick another pampering scent!

5) Fragrance gift sets make a complete gift.  Our popular and pampering Value Sets that you’ll find in our Shop Gift Sets section include a body lotion, shower gel and perfume essence in the same fragrance, and will let her layer the scent for a long lasting memorable impression.  These ready made gifts are packaged in a complimentary gold box, with a free white mesh sponge she can use in the shower.  They’ll pamper her with all our fragrant essentials and keep her skin looking healthy and beautiful.