Getting the Most Out of Your Lotions & Moisturizers

How hard can it be?  You find a lotion or moisturizer that smells heavenly and you slather it on when your skin feels dry…right?  Wrong!  The truth is you may not be getting all of the benefits out of your lotions if you aren’t applying them right.

woman-putting-on-lotion.pf_Applying your moisturizer correctly,  boosts skin hydration, prevents flaking and dullness, and creates a protective layer of moisture that lasts all day. Plus, proper application will help the ingredients of your lotion work better — yielding better results!  Here’s some tips to make sure you’re getting the most our of your moisturizer:

  • Avoid hot showers as they will dry skin out further and cause you to have to use more lotion!  Instead, use lukewarm water and try not to stay in the water too long.  If you’re a bath person, we suggest adding a bath & body oil to the water to prevent drying out your skin.
  • Apply lotion on damp skin (not wet), preferably after a shower or bath.  Lotion is absorbed into the skin much better.  Skin will be smoother and stay hydrated much longer than applying it randomly during the day.
  • Consistency is key!  Using lotion every once in a while won’t give you the smooth, soft, hydrated skin you desire.  However, using it every morning or night when you get out of the bath or shower will produce positive results.

We hope these tips will allow you to get more our of your moisturizer!  Got some tips of your own?  Please share!    And, while you’re here, be sure to check out our “Love the Skin You’re In” Event and save 10% on Terranova‘s entire line of skin nourishing lotions today!

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San Francisco, CA – May 11, 2015Terranova®, purveyors of premium bath, body, and fragrance since 1970, announced today that they will provide over 500+ Terranova® luxury bath & body soap bars to Sniffapalooza’s Spring Fling 2015, the world’s largest fragrance and education event platform, on May 16th & 17th at The Bergdorf Goodman in New York City.


Terranova Purveyors of Premium Bath, Body, & Fragrance Since 1970

Sniffapalooza is a twice-yearly fragrance/sensory event that connects fragrance lovers with bath, body, & fragrance brands.  Terranova® will be represented in Sniffapalooza’s “Love at First Sniff” gift boxes for attendees from Europe, Canada, and The United States alongside other fragrance industry leaders.

As part of its “Love at First Sniff” offering, Terranova® will be providing two varieties of their gentle, moisturizing bath & body bars made with hydrating vegetable glycerin:  Tiare Lei™ Cream Soap, infused with mango butter and Tahitian manoi oil, and Tuberose Pure Glycerin Soap, infused with lemongrass and ginkgo.

“We are excited to be a part of Sniffapalooza’s 21st event that will provide fragrance lovers with an opportunity to connect with brands in a way that could never be achieved at a traditional beauty counter,” said Ann Saunders, President of Terranova®.

Since its inception 45 years ago by visionary Jane Saunders, Terranova® (meaning ‘new earth’) has remained committed to their mission of “Truth and Beauty” by creating products with fresh, clean fragrances and natural ingredients that celebrate our planet.

For more information about Terranova®, to purchase Terranova® products, or to find a retailer near you; visit (retail) / (wholesale) or call Terranova® corporate offices at 800-966-3457 (9am-5pm PST).


About Terranova® – Founded in 1970 by Jane Saunders, Terranova® crafted the first natural beauty alternatives made with premium botanicals and fresh, clean fragrances in Berkley, CA.  Today, Jane’s legacy and commitment to “Truth & Beauty” is carried on by her daughters Ann & Kathy Saunders through authentic, award winning formulas that celebrate California’s natural vibrancy.

About Sniffapalooza– Sniffapalooza is the world’s largest fragrance education and event platform.

Remembering Terranova’s Founding “Mother,” Jane Saunders, on Mother’s Day!

Mother’s Day is next Sunday (May 10th), and Terranova, would like to pay homage to our “mother” and founder, Jane Saunders, who founded Terranova over 45 YEARS AGO!  We are grateful that a 50-year-old, stay-at-home mom, was able to push herself to start a business that has employed thousands of people over the years and inspired others to start businesses of their own!

Jane Sunders, Terranova’s “Mother” & Founder

Jane was a pioneer in the natural body care industry.  As the founder of the original The Body Shop Store in Berkeley, California, she was the first to use natural ingredients such as aloe, vitamins, and jojoba oil (which she purchased directly from the Chief of a Southwestern Indian reservation).

She also loved to invent scents and spawned an entire genre of clean, fresh, & non-traditional scents that allowed the personality of its wearer to shine though.   Some of our timeless customer’s faves come from our “Traditions Collection,” and include such classics as Rain, China Musk, China Rain and China Lily; which remain as popular now as they were back in the 70’s!

Jane also loved Hawaii, where she could float in Pacific Ocean and hunt for sea shells.  The lush islands inspired  her to create the most authentic tropical scents possible.  Today, these fragrances are part of our “Island Escapes Collection,” and continue to have an incredibly loyal following throughout Hawaii, and around the world!  Favorites include Pikake, the exquisite Jasmine wedding flower; Plumeria, the rich, buttery lei flower;  White Ginger‘s spicy fresh blossoms; the heady aroma of Tuberoseand the classic, sensual Gardenia.

As her daughters, Ann Saunders (President) and Kathy Saunders (Vice President) will tell you, “Jane was a great mom!  Though her business took up lots of her time, she always involved us in her travels, her decisions and we always had jobs (and so did our friends).  Our friends thought she was the coolest mom in Berkeley (no small feat in the 70’s)!”

TN Retail_960x540

In appreciation of all mothers, Terranova is offering beautiful gift sets at a special value this Mother’s Day.  Be sure to show your appreciation! :)

If you knew Jane and would like to post your favorite memories of her or those of your own mom, please include them here!  We love to hear from you!

Terranova – Celebrating Earth Day Everyday!

Earth-Everyday-2As we wrap up Earth Month and Earth Day celebrations, we think it is important that we celebrate all this beautiful planet has to offer and find ways to help our planet and preserve our natural resources for generations to come daily!

For Terranova, the “green movement” has never been a “fad,” but a way of life.  Since our inception 45 years ago by visionary Jane Saunders, Terranova® (meaning ‘new earth’) was one of the first to put into practice many of the initiatives that have become popular in the natural beauty industry:

  • For instance, back in the 70’s,  the concept of refilling and reusing plastic bottles for skin care wasn’t even heard of and was a concept that Jane developed!
  • Another “first” was the concept of using natural specialty oils, like Jojoba in formulations.  Back when Jane began using Jojoba, it was so uncommon that she actually had to purchase it from a Native American tribe where it was grown and harvested!
  • At her original retail outlets, Jane was also one of the first to utilize Muslin bags to reduce waste from plastic and paper shopping bags.
  • Terranova bath, body, & fragrance was also the first to incorporate botanical oils, essential oils, and vegetable based glycerins in formulations… which have now become a standard in the natural beauty industry.

Today, TerranTN Logo_Facebook_180x180_Revisedova’s mission and commitment to “truth & beauty” continues through the creation of products with fresh, clean fragrances and natural ingredients that celebrate our planet earth!  Come celebrate with us today! :)

Green Your Beauty Routine – The Truth of Phthalates in Beauty

Phthalates work as softeners in personal care products such as cosmetics and personal care products.  Phthalates have a long and safe history of use and, as consumers, we are exposed to phthalates in air, water, food, plastics, medical devices, and drugs on a daily basis.[i]

The Phthalate that is most frequently used in cosmetics and personal care products is Diethyl Phthalate [DEP) and it wasn’t until theshutterstock_106588088 late 90’s that the use of phthalates (specifically DEP)  in personal care came under scrutiny due to a series of studies that indicated that the use of products containing phthalates caused reproductive & developmental toxicity.[ii]

Since then, The FDA has conducted its own studies to determine whether exposure to DEP contained in cosmetics products presents a human health risk.  To this day, the FDA has concluded that the currently available evidence does not support a concern about DEP’s use in cosmetics and fragrances. Because of its long-term use and safety record, DEP continues to be internationally accepted by global regulatory authorities for these purposes. The FDA says that at the present time, it does not have compelling evidence that phthalates, as used in cosmetics, pose a safety risk.[iii]

Once again, we leave it up to you, the consumer, to determineStoreterranovabody header_300x120-A your “truth & beauty” and invite you to learn more about our phthalate free line of Terranova Bath & Body Care products!

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Green Your Beauty Routine – The Truth About Synthetic Colors & Dyes

imagesAs humans, we are drawn to color and beauty manufacturers know it!  Color can be found in makeup, lipstick, hair dyes, and some skin care.  The most common synthetic colors used in cosmetics and hair dyes are called FD&C colors and they are derived from coal-tar, which in turn is a by-product of petroleum, and has been scrutinized due to its link to cancer. [i]

In 1938, Congress gave the FDA the authority to regulate color additives in cosmetics right down to where they can be used on the body.  As a result, only 7 dyes are safe for use in personal care products.  In the USA, the following artificial colorings are permitted by the FDA (make sure that your beauty products don’t contain colors not on this list!): [ii]

FD&C Blue No. 1 (Brilliant Blue FCF, E133), Approved for external use in soaps and lotions and Blue No.4. FD&C Black No.2 and No.3. FD&downloadC Brown No.1. FD&C Green No. 3 (Fast Green FCF, E143 not to be used for eyes, lips, mucous membranes, and Green 5 ,6 and 8). FD&C Orange No. 4, 5, 10 and 11. FD&C Red 4, 6, 7, 17, 21, 22, 27, 28, 30, 31, 33, 34, 36, FD&C Red No. 40 (Allura Red AC, E129). FD&C Violet No.2. FD&C Yellow No. 5 (Tartrazine, E102). FD&C Yellow No. 6 (Sunset Yellow FCF, E110) and F&G Yellow No: 7, 8, 10, 11.[iii]

In addition to coal-tar, cosmetic colors can also be made from chromium oxide and aluminum powder, which has also been linked to cancer. Chromium oxide is commonly called “chrome green.”[iv]

Some safe colors are made from mica flakes and iron oxides. Iron oxides are graded safe for cosmetic use as they are produced synthetically in order to avoid the inclusion of ferrous or ferric oxides, and impurities normally found in naturally occurring iron oxides.[v]

Once again, Terranova remains committed to delivering “Truth and Beauty.”  We hope this article helps you discover your truth in making informed beauty product purchase decisions.

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